2016 Americas Masters Coming to Vancouver

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The 2016 Americas Masters are coming to Vancouver in August! Squash BC and Squash Republic are pleased to present a players information brochure for those who are considering attending.

You have to be over 30 to play and everyone is welcome! Each player will be scheduled three matches and there are options for playing team matches as well!

DOWNLOAD the Americas Masters Games 2016 Squash Info or scroll down to read the information you’re looking for.

– See more at: http://squashrepublic.com/info-for-americas-masters-squash-players


2016 Nanaimo Open

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2016 Sea to Sky Tournament at the Squamish Squash Club

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Sea to Sky Squash Tourney

Playoffs and 3rd Cycle for Open Div 1 & 7

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The playoff dates have been added to SportyHQ’s online schedule. Previously we had posted them on the SCHEDULE page on our website.

Venues and teams participating in the semifinals and the finals have not been determined yet but some divisions will notice that they have a gap between their last league match and the semifinals. Teams are welcome to reschedule if both captains agree and the host club is able to accommodate them. Always check with your club pro first and don’t forget to let the league coordinator know about the date change. Please enter the results!

Div 1 Open and Div 1 Women will play their finals on March 19th at the AGM & Wrap Party event (location TBD).

We have also added the “missing” third cycle for Open Divisions 1 & 7. Club pros or reps with teams in those divisions (ARB, BEN, BON, EVE, JER, RIV, SPC, TCC & VRC) will have to enter the start times for these matches. Players should note that hosting is shared during third cycles. Thanks for your patience while we figured out how to get this online!

If you have any questions please check our FAQ page or email the league coordinator if you don’t find your answer there – info@vancouversquashleague.com

Evergreen Squashes Cancer

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The 4th annual Evergreen Squashes Cancer, in honour of Paul Marley, is happening Feb 3-7, 2016. Proceeds to the Canadian Cancer Society.

2016 Evergreen Squashes Cancer

Seattle Open 2016

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Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 6.18.35 PM

Jericho Junior Open 2016

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Jericho Junior Open 2016

2015 BC Open at Hollyburn Country Club

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The 2015 BC Open tournament is once again being held at the Hollyburn Country Club. This “some frills” event offers a Keg night on the Friday plus event prizes.
2015 BC Open at Hollyburn Country Club

2015 Jericho Open

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The 2015 Jericho Open, presented by Pacific Quorum, takes place November 4-8, 2015. Entry for adults is $70 and the deadline to register is October 28th.

Register at www.jerichosquash.ca


SportyHQ Rankings Update

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Rankings Update

From SportyHQ:

Many of you have commented or sent an email asking what was going on with the rankings this past weekend as you noticed some very unusual fluctuations. SportyHQ was running an update program to correct the instances when a member wasn’t assigned an initial ranking. When first launched the program has a self ranking program in place, but it was very tough for people to correctly gauge their skill level accurately which led to further problems. Currently the club administrators for each club can set an initial ranking for players within the first 2 weeks of joining. However there are some clubs that don’t have a professional, or somebody to intake new players. As players played more matches, and didn’t have a ranking, it became a bigger problem.

This past weekend SportyHQ ran an update to initialize those without a ranking. Because of the huge amounts of data being crunched, you would likely have seen your ranking jump up and down a few times on the weekend. They have completed this now, and for 90% of people, there was a slight deflationary outcome to their ranking. Don’t fear, the algorithm hasn’t changed, nor were any results manipulated. It was simply a system wide update. Hope this helps people understand what was going on this weekend. Should you have questions, you can contact the Squash BC Office.

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