New Juniors Section

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The VSL is pleased to announce that we’ve added a new section to our website specifically for the Vancouver Junior Squash League.

Please check this page out to get information on the upcoming season, (1st matches are November 23, 2008); to download the official VJSL score sheet; to find information on participating clubs, and to see last year’s results.

Guidelines for Captains

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Congratulations! The new VSL season is off to a great start! We’ve had a few questions and comments from players and thought it might be a good time to publish this little primer for the captains: Old hat for some but informative for others:) Let us know if you have any tidbits you’d like us to add

+ + +

On the Friday prior to your match:
Check the court schedule for your team and confirm your match with the opposing captain.
Make sure that your players will be available at the club, and ready to play, ON TIME and resolve any anticipated problems. (Delayed starts can cause a domino effect for teams scheduled after you and no one wants to start eating dinner at 11pm:)

If there are changes from the published court schedule inform your players and the opposing captain at the very earliest date.
If you are host captain, make arrangements for refreshments to be available. These should be of satisfactory quality and quantity.

Monday/Tuesday Evening
Meet with the opposing captain and arrange the order of the individual matches. Captains should resolve any alleged infractions of rules wherever possible. If unresolved, match should be declared as “being played under protest” (see Rule 8.3.1). Encourage all players to stay and enjoy the entire evening of squash and socializing.

Assign at least one official referee for each match and direct players to courts. Limit warm up to five (5) minutes. Prompt commencement of play is important and Captains should consider utilizing the 10-minute default rule for excessive lateness (see Rule 7.2.2). Captains should also ensure that significant late arrival of teams, whether visiting or hosting, are brought to the attention of the League Coordinator.

The host captain is responsible for:
i) Filling out the results score sheet and giving the opposing captain a copy. If you are unfamiliar with the process ask your Club Representative to assist you. DO NOT FAX IN YOUR RESULTS! The VSL no longer has a fax line and your results will not be recorded if you fax them in.
ii) Entering the results on Quick Draws that evening or first thing the next morning.

Apres Squash
Make sure that the socializing is going well:) (Beer will help:)
Check about next week with your players before they depart to prevent annoying surprises.

+ + +

• If you are to be absent for any given week, make sure that you appoint a stand-in captain who has very specific and clear instructions on the responsibilities and duties of being captain.
• The VSL encourages juniors to participate in the league. Captains should be aware that there are issues, primarily around the socializing side of league that may need to be addressed when juniors are playing in an adult oriented league. It is the responsibility of the Captain/Club Rep to be aware of these issues and to make all expectations known to the junior(s) playing on the team.
• Verify match results and report any discrepancies immediately.
• Keep your players informed of league standings. You are central to your team’s enthusiasm, enjoyment of the league experience and success on court.
• As captain, be sure your contact information is included and UP TO DATE on Quick Draws.
• Ensure that ALL of your team members are members of Squash BC. All players competing in the league must be current individual members of Squash BC to avoid penalties. (See Rule 4.2.2 re spares.) If your team relies on spares make sure that they become members before they play a second time for your team. (It’s in their interest as a Squash BC membership offers insurance benefits.)
• Remember the philosophy of the league (“Highly competitive play is encouraged but never at the expense of mutual respect among competitors”) and ensure all players can have a competitive evening of squash followed by an enjoyable session of socializing.
• For playoffs (semis and finals), it is recommended that the cost of hosting is split between the two participating teams.