New rule regarding use of “Default/Guest”

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At the 2010 AGM a motion was put forward, and approved, to simplify rule 4.2.2 which concerned the use of “Default/Guest” when recording results for matches. Previously, the captain was able to enter “Default/Guest” to refer to a player who was not a member of Squash BC or to a position that went vacant. The captain was expected to inform the league coordinator whether or not a match was played and, if so, what the name of the “non-member” was. A sliding scale of penalty points was then put into place.

This rule proved to be difficult to enforce and has now been changed so that the penalty is automatic. When a captain enters “Default/Guest”, when recording the match results, an automatic 1 point penalty will be assessed for each position so entered. If the “Default/Guest” was an actual player the captain can have the penalty point removed by signing up the player WITHIN ONE WEEK of playing and forwarding the email confirmation of membership to the league coordinator.

This rule is meant to encourage all teams to field a complete roster and all squash players to become members of Squash BC.

If you have any questions about this or any other rules please refer to the FAQ page or contact the league coordinator: info[at]vancouversquashleague[dot]com


OLD RULE > If a player is not a current member of Squash BC when they play for the first time, the team they played for will be penalized one (1) penalty point. If they play a second time without becoming a member of Squash BC the team they play for will forfeit ALL points for that player earned in the second match. However, if the captain, or player, has renewed their membership with Squash BC prior to league result entry no penalty point will be applied.


NEW RULE > REVISED 2010 > A player who, when they play for a team, is a “non-member” (defined as someone without a Squash BC membership), will not be able to record ANY points for a match. This “non-member” will be recorded on the match score as a “Default/Guest” and the team will receive an automatic one point penalty. This penalty will go into effect immediately after the October 31st grace period (for clubs to sign up all players with Squash BC) and is reversible if the player is signed up with Squash BC within one week of playing.