About Us

The Vancouver Squash League (VSL) is an amateur sports league sanctioned by Squash BC and run by a board of volunteers.

Mission Statement
The players participating in the VSL are amateurs that are playing because of a love for the game of squash. Participants, spectators, and members of the VSL are expected to always treat opponents, officials and spectators with the utmost courtesy, hospitality, and good sportsmanship.

The VSL expects all matches and games to be played with a spirit of sportsmanship that places the responsibility for fair play on the player NOT the referee. Highly competitive play is encouraged but never at the expense of mutual respect among competitors. If you play in our league you love the game of squash and you know the rules. The VSL aims to ensure that ALL players can have a competitive evening of squash followed by an enjoyable session of socializing.

We hope that when you step on court it’s to enjoy yourself. Unsportsmanlike conduct on court such as taunting your opponent, dangerous aggression, belligerent intimidation, disrespecting the referee, intentional infractions or other ‘win-at-all-costs’ behavior are contrary to the spirit of the game and MUST be avoided by all players. It is expected that the same code of conduct be applied to spectators as well.

The VSL is an adult league that encourages the participation of juniors. Captains should be aware that there are issues, primarily around the socializing side of league that may need to be addressed when juniors are playing in an adult oriented league. It is the responsibility of the Captain/Club Rep to be aware of these issues and to make all expectations known to the junior(s) playing on the team.

The VSL Season
The VSL starts play in the early Fall (usually the first weekend of October) and ends in the Spring (April or May).

Costs to Join
The VSL charges each team $190 for the season. The fees cover administrative costs, prizes and the season-ending “Wrap Party” for all participants. The VSL presents their budget each year at the AGM where it is ratified by the membership.


The VSL Board

The VSL is a separate entity from Squash BC and from SportyHQ. SportyHQ is a program used to keep statistics and as a ranking system for Squash BC, for the VSL, and for other squash leagues.

Board Structure
The VSL is run by a volunteer Board of Directors. We encourage participation from all our member clubs to ensure strong representation for all our Membership.

We currently have nine board members and two vacant positions, Junior and Women’s Representative.

Our Role
The VSL Board represents the public face of the VSL, setting and implementing the policies which govern our league. We are also a working board, and our Directors hold portfolios and manage the various areas of our operations. We expect our Directors to conduct themselves with professional decorum and respect. While we are not in a paid position, the level of responsibility that our Directors hold is the equivalent to management within a small-sized business.

About the Board
The decision to join the Board involves a moderate time commitment. Likely, you have already been involved with your Club on some level, and would like to increase your role within the league. We appreciate the commitment you are making.

A few points to keep in mind:
• The Board meets four times a year during the season. These meeting are currently held at the Vancouver Racquets Club – 4867 Ontario Street, Vancouver.
• When warranted, the Board may agree to hold additional meetings, e.g., to manage workload, attend training, or complete specific tasks.
• Most work is completed via time sensitive email so access to a computer is essential.

Board members are committed to:
• Accomplishing our tasks in a timely and complete manner;
• Maintaining board confidentiality;
• Understanding the rules of the league;
• Adding and amending rules, as necessary;
• Enforcing the rules of the league when they come to the attention of the Board;
• Standing behind Board decisions;
• Honouring our league philosophy;
• Maintaining appropriate tone and behaviour during Board Meetings, telephone conversations and in our electronic communications.
• Ensuring our partners, sponsors and members are treated with high regard, and have their needs fully considered during Board discussions and in our actions and decisions.
• Acting in the best interest of the league as a whole and not as a representative of a specific club.

Board members portfolios may include:
• Code of Conduct Director
> Sits on Squash BC’s Conduct Committee when necessary or recommends someone from VSL board if there is a conflict of interest.

• Communications
> Social media coordinator – Facebook / Twitter

• Rules / Protest
> In charge of updating and streamlining rules of the VSL. Also acts as VSL liaison in cases of protest. Helps to organize the annual “Free Rules Clinics”

• Scheduling
> Assists League Coordinator with creation and implementation of important dates.

• Secretary
> Assists League Coordinator with minutes of board meetings and AGM as well as the creation of meeting agendas.

• Social Director
> Primarily responsible for organizing the annual Wrap Party. Helps organize the annual “Captain’s Meeting”.

• Treasurer
> Looks after the VSL funds and general accounting and reports back to the VSL Board and to the Members.

• Women’s Representative
> Acts as a liaison between the VSL Board and to the Women’s Division Members.

How to Join the Board
Our Board members are elected annually at the AGM. Currently, board members hold one-year terms and are assigned to portfolios after the new Board is formed.

We welcome interest in joining our Board, and ask that Members who believe they have what it takes, to please contact our league coordinator at info[at]vancouversquashleague[dot]com.


The Vancouver Squash League
Members of the Board for the 2015/2016 season:

Mark Ingram (JER)
markingram [at] getitcrystalclear [dot] com
Mark has been the Chair of the Vancouver Squash League since 2000.
He plays Div 2 and is a Level B1 Referee.

Code of Conduct Director
Linda Dumont (BON)
lindadumont [at] shaw [dot] ca
Linda is the third signing officer of the VSL.

Junior Representative
This position is currently vacant.

League Coordinator
Robert Pacey
info [at] vancouversquashleague [dot] com
Robert has been a director of the VSL since 2000. He has been the League Coordinator since 2008/2009.
He is a signing officer of the VSL and plays Div 1 for VRC.

Amer Khakwany (BEN)
khakwanyaa [at] hotmail [dot] com
Amer joined the board in the 2015/2016 season.

This position is currently vacant.

Lauren Price (VRC)
laurenm.price [at] gmail [dot] com
Lauren’s first year on the board was 2014/2015.

Social Director
This position is currently vacant.

Nathan Ozog (VRC)
nathan.ozog [at] gmail [dot] com
Nathan joined the board in the 2015/2016 season.

Women’s Representative
This position is currently vacant.


Debbi Hlady (BAY)
dhlady [at] portal [dot] ca
The 2013/2014 season marked Debbi’s first on the board.