Each season the VSL Board is asked to weigh in on alleged rule infractions. Captains who have felt that their team was ill treated, or possibly even cheated, have been able to protest the results of the match in the following way:

1) The captain wishing to protest must download the Official Protest Form, fill it out and submit it, via email, to the League Coordinator (info[at]vancouversquashleague[dot]com). In the form their view of the events is expressed and the rules they feel were broken are referenced.

2) The League Coordinator then contacts the other captain and sends them the Official Defence Form to fill out. The name and team of the protesting captain is given and the rule(s) alleged to have been violated is referenced so that the captain can respond to the allegation.

3) Once both captain’s forms have been collected they are passed on by the League Coordinator to the VSL Board to discuss and to vote on. The League Coordinator does not vote.

4) The VSL Board decides on the outcome, as quickly as possible, and the League Coordinator informs both captains of their decision.

PLEASE NOTE: The VSL requires that all protests, alleging breaches of the VSL rules, be lodged in writing (via email) with the League Coordinator within seven (7) days of the occurrence of the alleged breach.

Please check our FAQ page to see if your issue has been addressed already before submitting your protest.