Non-Member Penalty Points

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The deadline to have your team players signed up with Squash BC has passed. That date was Oct 31 but we’ve given everyone an extra one week grace period but the automatic one point penalty is now in effect. Also note that in addition to the one (1) penalty point, the non-member cannot record ANY points for games won.

Captains have ONE WEEK to have their non-member renew their Squash BC membership in order to have the penalty removed and any points reinstated.

4.2.2 A player who, when they play for a team, is a “non-member” (defined as someone without a Squash BC membership), will not be able to record ANY points for a match. This “non-member” will be recorded on the match score as a “Default/Guest” and the team will receive an automatic one point penalty. This penalty will go into effect immediately after the October 31st grace period (for clubs to sign up all players with Squash BC) and is reversible if the player is signed up with Squash BC within one week of playing. (If the “Default/Guest” was used as a result of a missing player the captain can apply to have the penalty point removed, within one week of playing, by contacting the League Coordinator. It is expected that captains inform the other team’s captain, in advance, if they will be unable to field a complete roster.)

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