Divisional Ranking Guidelines for 2016/2017

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Not sure where you should be playing in the VSL this year?

Check out our handy guidelines that will hopefully ensure that you’re playing in the right division this year and that you get as many competitive matches as you can!

Div 1
975 – 1700

Div 2
800 – 1000

Div 3
675 – 875

Div 4
575 – 800

Div 5
475 – 675

Div 1
1475 – 2200

Div 2
1325 – 1525

Div 3
1225 – 1475

Div 4
1125 – 1350

Div 5
1000 – 1225

Div 6
925 – 1125

Div 7
600 – 1000

Big thanks to VSL board member Nathan Ozog for all of his efforts in putting this together.

SportyHQ Rankings Update

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Rankings Update

From SportyHQ:

Many of you have commented or sent an email asking what was going on with the rankings this past weekend as you noticed some very unusual fluctuations. SportyHQ was running an update program to correct the instances when a member wasn’t assigned an initial ranking. When first launched the program has a self ranking program in place, but it was very tough for people to correctly gauge their skill level accurately which led to further problems. Currently the club administrators for each club can set an initial ranking for players within the first 2 weeks of joining. However there are some clubs that don’t have a professional, or somebody to intake new players. As players played more matches, and didn’t have a ranking, it became a bigger problem.

This past weekend SportyHQ ran an update to initialize those without a ranking. Because of the huge amounts of data being crunched, you would likely have seen your ranking jump up and down a few times on the weekend. They have completed this now, and for 90% of people, there was a slight deflationary outcome to their ranking. Don’t fear, the algorithm hasn’t changed, nor were any results manipulated. It was simply a system wide update. Hope this helps people understand what was going on this weekend. Should you have questions, you can contact the Squash BC Office.