Quick note to all VSL participants.

The VSL Committee is still attempting to confirm divisional alignments for the upcoming season. We have a couple of issues of concern that we’re trying to sorted but our hope is to have all the club reps and pros on board and in agreement by Friday, September 15th. This will allow us to get the teams sorted on SportyHQ with two weeks to spare before league starts.

League Start Date

As usual league is scheduled to start the first week of October.

  • Open Divisions 1-6 will start on Monday, October 2nd
  • Women’s Divisions and Open Div 7 will start on Tuesday, October 3rd

Captain’s Social

The Captain’s Social will be happening early in the week of September 23 – 27th. We’ll announce that as soon as we can via a league-wide email. All first time captains are STRONGLY encouraged to attend. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions.

Hope you’re all back on court getting ready for another amazing season! Please check back here for more updates as we get closer to the season.


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